Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Tutorial and New Animations

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. I was away for three days and it was difficult to pretend I didn't want to be on the computer. I was itching to get this tutorial written and these animations created and loaded up for you.

The tutorial is My Fairytale featuring the art of Angelica S of SATC. You'll find the tube and her lovely kit there. I've included 3 animations in this zip. Two which are used in the tutorial and one that
I created a while back for a tag I made called MagicShow. It's blue confetti.

Here are the previews:
My Fairytale Tutorial HERE
Download animations HERE


Mary said...

Love your stuff! If it is ok my daughter, who is 13 would like to know what software you use for your animations. She is 13 and isn't into tagging but these caught her eye LOL!!

dulcelil said...

beautifull..thanks sweety

Simone aka Lorraine said...

Don't know if I ever responded to this question of yours, sorry for being so late!
I use Particle Illusion 3.0 by Wonder Touch.

Hugs Simone


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