Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Scrap Kits on my Site

For any of you new to my blog site or my tutorial site, I have several free scap kits
for download. Those are from when I was practicing and developing my style.
You are welcome to go over there and download them all.
Click on Links/ Resources / and you will see, scrap kits, word art, templates etc...
Go nuts!!!
Also, I have 3 taggers scrapkits for sale at Up Your Art. Click on Scrap Kits on the bottom and you will be directed to the scraps. Enjoy!

Hugs Simone

Beach Word Art

Well it's definately that time of year, to play on the beach and in the hot sand. I just love that.

Here's 3 Word Art for you to play with and jazz up your signature tags with. There's a png version and a psp verions in the zip. Just keep the one you need.

If you make something I would love to see it, especially if used in a tutorial. I just love seeing those. Well I'm going back into Paint Shop Pro and see what else I can put together.

Also, if you're ever looking for something in particular just send me an email and I'll see if I can come up with something. Have a great day everyone. Hugs Simone

Download HERE

Color Scheme Freebie

My MSN group Crafty Minxs' is having a Color Sheme Challenge this week with these colors.
So I thought I would create a mini-taggers scrap kit.
I made 3 papers, all 600 x 600 72 dpi
One flower, one double frame, one bead chain, and 3 gems.
This kit is specifically for signature tags and not for printing.
Special thanks to Monica Laren, Netmaus' Scraps, Doreen Stolz and Padoveze

Download HERE


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