Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Sparkly Animations

Here is my newest set of sparkly animations. I've been getting a lot of requests for the fun animation in my tag featuring "Trixie" tube by Spazz Art. So here it is finally. I've also included another one which is featured in this newest tube by Jose A Cano. Hope you enjoy and remember I love to see your creations.
Hugs simone

Trixie tag featuring art by Spazz, using animation SimoneAni-516
 Liars tag featuring art by Jose A Cano, using animation SimoneAni-513
Animation SET SimoneAni513-517

New Animations 509-512 : Books!

Here is a set of book animations by request.
I'm sorry it took so long for these as I was very busy with everyday life.
Hope you enjoy!

Hugs Simone


Monday, July 29, 2013

3 New Forum Style Templates

Here are 3 more templates for your forum signatures.
Hugs Simone


Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Template 145

OK here's another one.
This one was inspired by the kit HOT 911 by SkyScraps and Jose A Cano's newest tube found at SATC.

I would love to see any of your creations.

Hugs Simone


Steampunk Template

Trying to get some tutorials finished and I can't. But at least I got another template completed.
It's a steam punk template and I was inspired by Angelica S's newest tube "Lucinda".

Enjoy! I would love to see anything you make.

Hugs Simone


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