Saturday, February 9, 2013

Animations 251-255

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
I will posting several more groups of animations soon.
I have some on stars, flares and of course St Patrick's day.

Download HERE

New Animations 241-250

Here are a few more animations I made will playing this past week.
Love seeing what you're creating with these.



Download HERE

Animated Tutorials by Gaby

Here are 4 more tutorials by Gaby using my animations.
I love these and I love how she incorporates them.
Thanks Gaby you rock!!!


Using animations: 187


Lotus Beauty

Using animation: 73


I'm Trouble

Using animation: 175


Sucker Punch

Using animation: 234

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Steampunk Angel
Using animation: 106

Best Friends

Using animation: 69

Animated Tutorials

Be My Lover
Animation 56
The Soft Side of Love
Animation 55


4 More tutorials by Gaby Cobain

Sweet Hottie
Using Animation: 101 and 113

I Want You Now
Using Animation: 44

Naughty Bad Girl
Using Animation: 29
Angel of Temptation
Using animation: 46 and 79

More tutorials using animations

Here are more beautiful tutorials by Gaby! Check her site out, she has many, many wonderful tutorials.

Hugs Simone
Kinky Valentine Games
using animation: 26

No Rest for the Wicked
using animation: 135

One Hardcore Way
using animation: 63

Souvenir of Love
using animation: 174

Tutorials Using my Animations

I will be posting several wonderful tutorials by Gaby Cobain. She creates really wonderful tags and of course she's managed to write a few that include some of my animations.
Thank you so much Gaby, I love them and I appreciate your dedication to your craft.

Hugs Simone

Tutorial : Lost In Time

Using animation:  008 and 113

Tutorial : Once Upon A Time

Using animation: 80

Tutorial : Land of Imagination

Using animation: 28 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

SteamPunk Animations

Somewhat simple, but fun none the less :) Gears and clocks and glitter!
Let me see anything you make,

Download HERE

Animations 226-230 and 231-235 Enjoy!

Received a request for some turquoise animations, so set 231-235 is turquoise-Y and a touch of blue too. :)

Hope you enjoy!
Hugs Simone

PREVIEW: Set 226-230
Download HERE

Preview: Set 231-235

Download HERE

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