Saturday, December 12, 2020

Tonya means Kind Hearted

Tonya means Kind Hearted

Unfortunately our PSP community was rocked with the sad news that Tonya Vertein,(Tonya Damit, Pinky T)
passed away on December 3, 2020. 

This was a devastating and unbelievable announcement.

She was a lovely, caring, creative, fun and silly gal that talked endlessly with her greatest friends online and her forum, Creative Misfits. She was helpful and so positive. She had a great love for her two kitties and of course the color PINK. She was also so proud she hadn't binned any tags, timelines or wallpapers in over 700 days😁

She will be greatly missed.

Here are some animations I made in her favorite color PINK.

I hope you can use them in your creations in honor of her life and her impact on all of us.

July 11, 1977- December 3, 2020




Evita said...

They're beautiful Simone. Tonya would've loved them. Thank you for sharing.

Cheryl said...

They are lovely Simone. I am sure she loves them, as I believe people we love can see us and they are making her very happy. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to do something with them.
I truly love your stuff, God bless, Cheryl
R.I.P Tonya

musicaldruid said...

Beautiful animations, a lovely tribute to our lost friend.
thank you so much for caring and sharing!

Ursula (Uchy) Bastante said...

Awesome Animations Simone! Tonya would've truly loved them she will be missed

Tika said...

These are so pretty Simone. Losing Tonya was a great loss to the PSP community and to those closest to her! I am sure she is up there on her pink cloud clapping with delight at these beautiful animations! She would have loved creating something with them as we all will. Thank you for this beautiful tribute and sharing with all of us.

bams said...

Oh my!!! These are sooooo lovely and she would just be over the moon
I thank you so much that you have done this for her
I am very grateful
thank you!!


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