Sunday, June 2, 2013


New blood animations by special request. I'm doing several requests at the moment so trying to get them all out. Hang in there :)
Hope you like them and can use them. I will be doing a few more along these lines but wanted to get these 6 up now for those that needed them.

Hugs Simone



Gothic Inspirations said...

Thank you, I could always use some blood! Fabulous animation. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Simone aka Lorraine said...

you are very welcome and I appreciate your comment, I don't get many
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

ooh, I can use these!



My Musings by Studio Reflections said...

These are great animations, thank-you!

Anonymous said...

I love these animations. I wish you'd do tuts on how to create them ;) Thank you for sharing them!

Unknown said...

Thank you for another wonderful animation

Bits N Bobs said...

These are fabulous thank you :)

saucy sandy said...

Thank you so much Simone I have just downloaded some of your wonderful creations so appreciate your taking time to make these for us xox

Unknown said...

I wish you would leave your blog up Simone. theres so much beautiful work here that you have done over the years and so many people will miss having them to guide them on tutorials there learning espically on the animation parts. Will you please reconsider about not deleting your blog from the website.
we love you so much and thank you for all your time and talents to share with us not as gifted as you are. Thank you so much for all your years of service to us all you are remarkable.


MzTheresa said...

Awesome thanks so very much


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