Sunday, April 7, 2013


Request for pink butterflies.
I'm also working on rain and rain clouds, so be on the look out for those soon.

Hugs Simone


Download HERE


Justine Hartline said...

Such wonderful butterflies, thank you so very much for sharing our talents.

Betsy E.PsP said...

Thank you for sharing so many fab. and beautiful animations, love them,and I will send friends over to your blog, you are one of my biggest fan ,Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Love the butterflies! Thank you!

dulcelil said...

thank you so much Simone

Betsy E.PsP said...

Hi Simone, I have a pressie 4 you, in my blog, using your butterflies, thanks for awesome animations,xx

Unknown said...

Thank you I download your butterfly animations Hugs Kitty


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