Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make me a blinkie please Contest

Contest Time!
I need a blinkie for my blog and I really don't feel like making one :0)
Here's where you come in. Create a blinkie for Scrappy Bit of Fun and
you can win a scrap kit made with your ideas.
You get to pick
* theme
*color scheme
*kit name
I will give it to you first and then have it for download on the blog for others.
Some things I like, just to give you an idea.
*cats, birds, butterflies, daisies, tulips
*purple, blue, mauve, white
*must say " Scrappy Bit Of Fun" somewhere on the blinkie
*would like it to say "Scraps for Taggers" on it, but not a must
*must be 150 x 50 pixels
*love glitter, sparkles etc
I will vote on these on January 4th, 2010
Good luck and have fun!
Can't wait to see your blinkies.
Hugs Simone



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