Sunday, January 18, 2009

News and Award.

Happy day everyone, hope all is well.
My cellmates and me have opened a new blog which will feature all our collaborations.

We do a lot of extras in our Forum group The Padded Cell, such as template challenges, font challenge, color scheme challenge, word art challenge and of course the weekely tutorials are up for your to try out.
We thought it was a good idea to share what's going on at The Padded Cell outside the group, so more of you can come by and play with us.
You can check out the new blog HERE and visit the Forum HERE.
Ohhhhh and check back here or The Padded Cell blog because we have a fabulous collaboration coming up. It's all about love, lol. There will be lots and lots for you to get yours hands on and play with.
Lexipup also decided to gift me with this beautiful award, thank you so much sweetie, it's fabulous.

Now I need to pass it along to five people that I think are Scrapping Stars!

1- Jill of Created by Jill
2-Lou of Simply Devilish Scraps
3-Missy of Scraps With Attitude
4-Sunf of Urban Fairytales
5-Chelle of WeeScotsLass

Jill decided to gift me with an amazing award as well, thank you soooooo much Jill, I really love it. This is the Amazing Artist Award. Wow, I feel honored.
Now to choose 5 deserving candidates. Well that won't be difficult as I know these ladies are wonderfully talented artists.
1- Lou
2- Butterfly Flutterby
3- Serina
4- Suzanne
5- Mayk
6- Sunf
Ok I snuck in a sixth one, I just had too, lol.



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