Monday, November 24, 2008

Award and New Forum Open, woot woot

Well my good friend Annie aka KcsBrat left me this awesome award and I'm very honored and touched. Laura also has given me this award! You ladies rock.

"Treasured Friends Forever Blog Award"

The rules are simple...
Choose 5 Treasured Friends who have not yet received it and forward the love!
My 5 Treasured Friends are:
1. Butter of

2. Serina of

3. LisaE of

4. Jill of

5. Suzanne of

6. Lou of

I got a secret OMG the men in white coats Finally came and carted off Serina Lou Simone and Butter and put them in straight jackets so Come save them. Remember unless you got an Insanity Pass you won't be able to rescue them, so report to

with your name, rank and msn name and try to break them free fromTHE PADDED CELL!!!!!!
ALL MY EXLUSIVE TUTORIALS ARE NOW LOCATED on Padded Cell and Crafty Minx's is now closed and good bye to msn.



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