Thursday, July 31, 2008

Voodoo Tutorial

Woot Woot!
My good friend Butterfly Flutterby has written up a tutorial for the Voodoo Doll kit I made her. It's really cute. Hope you all enjoy it.
I had fun making the little dolls...I drew them in PSP using the pen tool.
I added color, texture and the used the burn brush to add shade/dark areas.
Using the dodge brush I lighten some areas....
I did rely on a photo of a Voodoo doll, because I wasn't too sure how to do it, but I think it turned out pretty darn good.
Here is Butter's tut, hugssss Simone
Voodoo Pins


Unknown said...

truely bootiful kit and im very lucky to have you choose my theme and make it for most would of run a mile the doll is just adorable its my fav eice but i love all the buttons and saying you added.
Your extremely talented

i cant wait to see what others do with this kit xxxxx

Liwayway said...

Nice creations... I love all your work... I will surely coming back to you page. Thanks again for the freebies you have in your blog.


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