Sunday, July 20, 2008

All Links Up and Running

Just a little note to let you know, I've switched some links as my bandwidth was being pulled way out of control. I really hope people aren't copying and pasting my links all over the place.
Please just send them to my blog and they can download themselves and it saves me from spending my money on the purchase of extra bandwidth. I'd rather spend my money of scrap stuff. That way I can make more kits and we all win.

Have a great day everyone.
hugs Simone


Anonymous said...

sorry sweetie ... but MANY many of your links are NOT working anymore :(

guess I waited TOO long to locate you and the awesome talent you share freely with others ...

oh well, on the web again I go searching for unique and well-done scrapkits !!

Anonymous said...

Oops ... I forgot to tell you which kits [ links ] were NOT working ::
1: Splendid Times
2: Classic
3: Voodoo Doll
4: Breezy

maybe I can come back sometime soon and they might be available again for download ?!?


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