Sunday, June 2, 2013


New blood animations by special request. I'm doing several requests at the moment so trying to get them all out. Hang in there :)
Hope you like them and can use them. I will be doing a few more along these lines but wanted to get these 6 up now for those that needed them.

Hugs Simone



Gothic Inspirations said...

Thank you, I could always use some blood! Fabulous animation. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Simone aka Lorraine said...

you are very welcome and I appreciate your comment, I don't get many
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

ooh, I can use these!



My Musings by Studio Reflections said...

These are great animations, thank-you!

Anonymous said...

I love these animations. I wish you'd do tuts on how to create them ;) Thank you for sharing them!

Penny Rachalla said...

Thank you for another wonderful animation

Bits N Bobs said...

These are fabulous thank you :)

saucy sandy said...

Thank you so much Simone I have just downloaded some of your wonderful creations so appreciate your taking time to make these for us xox


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