Monday, June 10, 2013

New SteamPunk Animations

Here's a new set for the Steam Punk lovers!
There are 6 animations in this set. A couple of them have drop shadows and maybe two have
rust stain on them and the others are plain. 
Remember you can combine animations on your tags to make a unique look.
Would love to see all the different combinations you can make.

Here's a tutorial I wrote using the animations just to give you an idea, but I'm sure you'll think up something quite ingenious on your own.
Can't wait to see your tags.
Please leave some love.
I have well over 500 downloads on the animations and only about 5 consistent people who leave me comments. I do appreciate those gals very much, they encourage me to keep on making them.





Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks dear. I needed something to jazz up a steampunk tag I wanted to work on.

Now I have a reason to do it. You rcok :)


Kiya said...

Oooh steampunk! :D Cool!

Anonymous said...

WOW Simone these are all I ever wanted in my tags for the past 11 years!! TY soo much for sharing your fabulous animations. LOVE the steampunk and lightning ones I could always use those. You are so talented hun. Keep doing what you are doing. We appreciate your kindness in sharing your talents and creations with us. I LOVE your scrapkits too hun. TY so much♥

Simone aka Lorraine said...

thanks so much ladies, appreciate it

hugssssss Simone

Unknown said...

Thank you for this terrific tutorial and the animations for it

Lee said...

Thank you very much these are awesome!! xxxx

Athena said...

Thank you so much!!!

Sun said...

Thanks so much for the amazing animations! Awesome work.
Peace n Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Simone, your animation is fabulous! I love your blog headline banner too! I've looked around your blog and haven't yet seen which software you are using to animate? I've been thinking of animating a few of my edits. Thanks for the freebies too! -Lisa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are awesome! Thank you!

Boots said...

So happy to see these steampunk anis, Simone! I finally was able to get these and your masks..thanks so much for you help!
I had to sign on using the Internet Explorer as my browser.
Tip for anyone else having problems..check your browser and your Internet Explorer settings.

LadyMauve said...

Happy New Year 2016!!!
I love the Steampunk theme, so I REALLY appreciate the wonderful animations you created with this theme. Well done Simone.

CodieGirl said...

Thank you for these great animations!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I was looking everywhere for gears! Love your animations!!

Tracy said...

Thank you so much for creating these fabulous animations and offering so many as freebies, it is much appreciated

LorenzenDesign said...

Thank you so much much for all your awesome animations!!!

Unknown said...

I love steampunk, thanks for sharing! Not sure exactly how to animate with them, but I will try to learn. Thanks ♥ Mags

Gayle said...

Thank you so very much!


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